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Twilio SMS

With Twilio SMS integration, it is possible to set up a form that allows your customers to send messages directly to a designated SMS number. To utilize this functionality, please complete the following steps

Add Account SID and Author Token

Visit to find your unique Account SID and Auth Token

You can reveal your auth token by clicking on the eyeball icon:

twilio sms

Go to Dashboard > Piotnet Forms> Settings >  Twilio Integration> Enter Account SID and Author Token > Save Settings

twilio sms 1

Configure Twilio SMS action

Create a form to collect the necessary information.

twilio sms 2

Edit “Submit Button”, select Action After Submit → Add Twilio SMS Action 

twilio sms 5

After that, scroll down to Twilio SMS part, and fill out the parameters

  1. To: your phone number with country code, for example: +123456789
  2. Messaging Services ID: Visit to get your unique Messaging Services ID
  3. Customize your message content
twilio sms 3