Twilio SMS

With Twilio SMS integration, it is possible to set up a form that allows your customers to send messages directly to a designated SMS number. To utilize this functionality, please complete the following steps

Add Account SID and Author Token

Visit https://www.twilio.com/console to find your unique Account SID and Auth Token

You can reveal your auth token by clicking on the eyeball icon:

twilio sms

Go to Dashboard > Piotnet Forms> Settings >  Twilio Integration> Enter Account SID and Author Token > Save Settings

twilio sms 1

Configure Twilio SMS action

Create a form to collect the necessary information.

twilio sms 2

Edit “Submit Button”, select Action After Submit → Add Twilio SMS Action 

twilio sms 5

After that, scroll down to Twilio SMS part, and fill out the parameters

  1. To: your phone number with country code, for example: +123456789
  2. Messaging Services ID: Visit https://www.twilio.com/console/sms/services to get your unique Messaging Services ID
  3. Customize your message content
twilio sms 3