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Stripe Payment

Step by step to apply Stripe Payment

Connect Stripe payment vs Piotnet Forms

Access your Stripe Payment > API keys Category > copy both Publishhable key and Secret key

In the Website dashboard, go to Piotnet Forms > Settings > Integration > Stripe Payment

Fill out your Stripe keys.


Create a form

Add the fields you want to a blank form. Using Piotnet Forms, you can design a payment form in minutes by just dragging and dropping the one you need.

stripe payment 1

You have to create a Field with type = Stripe Payment

stripe payment 2

Click on “Submit Button” and scroll down to Stripe Section -> Enable this feature

Stripe payment with One-time method

By default, Stripe Payment is triggered as One-time method

Here you have two flexible options:

You can enter a fixed amount or set Dynamic Amount with Amount Field (Number or Calculated Fields)

stripe payment 8
Stripe Payment with a fixed amount
stripe payment 9
Stripe Payment with dynamic amount

And complete mapping all the relevant fields


When enabling “Create Invoice”, a Tax ID box will appear.

It is the Tax Rate ID of Stripe Payment which is customized in the ratio percent.

Subscription Payment (Recurring Payment)

To set Subcription Payment (Recurring Payment), you can refer the following direction.

Set up a product and get the Product ID in your Stripe Payment account.

Then click the Product > Details > get ID > add ID to Product ID box:

Details Subscriptions settings:

stripe payment 10
stripe payment 11

If you have multiple subscription plans and desire users to select an option, you have to create a Plan Field (Type field = Select) with options like this:



Then map this Plan Field into Stripe Payment Section as below

stripe payment 13
stripe payment 14

Multiple payment methods

Furthermore, you can use multiple payment methods in a form, you have to create a Payment Methods field (Select, Radio, Image Select) with options like this:

Cash on Delivery

And then Enable Option “Payment Methods Select Field”