Change Log

2.0.0-beta1 (2022/05/23)

  • Piotnet Forms 2.0 opens the first beta. The changelog details will come back soon.

1.2.16 (2022/05/21)

  • Add min length option for Tel field.
  • Add members to the Constant Contact list.
  • Fix an issue of Select Autocomplete Field in the Multistep Form.

1.2.15 (2022/05/15)

  • Fix requires a select autocomplete field when using conditional logic.
  • Fix condition logic issues.

1.2.14 (2022/05/09)

  • Fix Flatpickr doesn’t work in Multi-Step form.

1.2.13 (2022/05/09)

  • Fix a condition logic issue for Select multiple field.
  • Fix bug International Telephone Input does not show flags and remove an error of intlTelInput in the console tab.

1.2.12 (2022/05/06)

  • Add International Telephone Input with Flags and Dial Codes.
  • Update Constant Contact API.
  • Fix Flatpickr doesn’t work in Multi-Step form.
  • Fix a conditional issue.

1.2.11 (2022/04/27)

  • Add Show/hide Progress bar option for Multistep Form.
  • Update address field required for Mailchimp API.
  • Fix condition checked and unchecked.
  • Fix bcc and cc in email/email2.

1.2.10 (2022/04/24)

  • Add option to attach PDF file to the email.
  • Fix conflict with Vj WP Import Export plugin.

1.2.9 (2022/04/19)

  • Update ConstantContact authorization URL.
  • Fix newline error in PDF text area fields.

1.2.8 (2022/04/08)

  • Fix license system conflicts with WPML plugin.

1.2.7 (2022/04/07)

  • Fix calculated field calculate incorrect value with a decimal symbol.
  • Fix can’t clear the value of Select control in Editor.

1.2.6 (2022/04/06)

  • Fix license system conflicts with WPML plugin.
  • Fix an issue of Textarea with a newline in Live Preview mode.
  • Fix using default font incorrect.

1.2.5 (2022/03/31)

  • Fix when using Remove empty field then Export database incorrect.
  • Fix using default font incorrect.
  • Fix conflict CSS with Divi plugin.

1.2.4 (2022/03/26)

  • Fix: The license gets an incorrect expired date with old PHP versions.
  • Fix: The dropdown of the Select field is shown on the Image select.
  • Fix: Form Entries don’t count correctly the form submissions.

1.2.3 (2022/03/21)

  • Fix: The Signature field doesn’t work with conditional logic.
  • Fix: An issue when deleting the image of the Image Select field.

1.2.2 (2022/03/18)

  • Tweak: Change font default to inherit.
  • Fix: The TinyMCE format doesn’t show in Submit post.
  • Fix: The dropdown doesn’t show in the Select field.

1.2.1 (2022/03/08)

  • New: Add dynamic tags for Remote IP.
  • New: Add image preview for the image field.
  • Tweak: Update preview label option for Select, Checkbox, and Radio field.
  • Tweak: Update post_author for Submit Post when using with Register.
  • Fix: Check update new version plugin.
  • Fix: Dropdown select CSS.
  • Fix: The date field not working when using Flatpickr custom option in the repeater.

1.2.0 (2022/03/07)

  • The new license dashboard (experiment) is out now. Now you can manage your activated websites at here.

1.1.26 (2022/02/19)

  • Add shorcode [post_url] for Remote Request.
  • Add limit entries option for submit button.
  • Fix notification doesn’t show when duplicate Email or Username.
  • Fix an issue of Register and Update User Profile with Metabox and Toolset Integration.
  • Fix Border style of Select Field.
  • Fix display incorrect form when using shortcode widget of Bricks theme.
  • Fix an issue of custom message of Submit button.

1.1.25 (2022/02/09)

  • New Feature: Integrate the MetaBox Group with the Submit post and the Edit post.
  • Add new action hook to process Remote Request data:

do_action(‘piotnetforms/form_builder/remote_request_response’, $form_submission, $remote_request_response, $webhook_response);

  • Add new filter hook to custom response message of Submit button:

apply_filters(‘piotnetforms/form_builder/custom_message’, false, $form_submission, $remote_request_response, $webhook_response);

  • Add new filter hook to decide send email or not:

apply_filters(‘piotnetforms/form_builder/not_send_email’, false, $form_submission, $remote_request_response, $webhook_response);

  • Fix Address Autocomplete Map display broken image.

1.1.24 (2022/01/28)

  • Update Responsive for label inline.
  • Fix Signature Pad doesn’t work on Multi-Step forms.
  • Fix display incorrect form in Editor mode with Bricks thems.
  • Fix undefined shortcode of Stripe.

1.1.22 (2021/12/25)

  • Integration Toolset Field to Register Form Builder and Update User Profile.
  • Add press enter option to submit the form.
  • Fix an issue of SendGrid.
  • Fix an issue of Preview on Editor.
  • Fix conflict with Bricks theme.

1.1.21 (2021/12/18)

  • Add option to save form data to PDF file after submit.
  • Add mollie payment status shortcode to email 2.
  • Fix a Repeater Field issue with Conditional logic.
  • Fix an issue when set the deafult value is empty.

1.1.20 (2021/12/11)

  • Add custom required message for Textarea field.
  • Fix an issue of Calculated field.
  • Fix conditional logic for number type.
  • Fix form working incorrectly in some cases with an empty value.

1.1.19 (2021/12/04)

  • Integrate MetaBox Field with Register Form Builder and Update User Profile.
  • Add Input width style for Image upload field.
  • Update Mollie payment status for shortcode.
  • Fix conflict with Bricks themes.
  • Fix signature required issue.
  • Fix live preview of repeater items.
  • Fix time format for Time field.
  • Fix can’t display the Date field of ACF Repeater form in Submit post.
  • Fix an issue of the Calculated field.
  • Do re-calculate for number field when updating min or max value.
  • Fix Text align style of Field is incorrect.

1.1.18 (2021/11/08)

  • Add Iban field.
  • Add Mollie payment status shortcode to email.
  • Fix Signature field on Safari iOS 15.
  • Fix an issue of ConvertKit.
  • Fix an issue of Woocommerce checkout redirect.
  • Fix Paypal shortcode doesn’t working with Checkbox and Radio.

1.1.15 (2021/10/22)

  • Inline label for form field.
  • Add new filter hooks to change the path of the Upload File: piotnetforms/form_builder/upload_dir and piotnetforms/form_builder/upload_dir/file_name
  • Fix display issue of checkbox, acceptance, and radio fields.

1.1.14 (2021/10/13)

  • Add request_post for Dynamic Tags.
  • Improvement security issues.
  • Fix Register Form is not working with ACF Field.
  • Fix display issue of Select Autocomplete Field in Popup.

1.1.13 (2021/10/08)

  • Fix an issue of the Copy & Paste style function on the Editor page.
  • Fix repeater return raw shortcode when using Remove Empty Field.
  • Fix an issue of Stripe payment.
  • Fix Select Autocomplete Field of not working in Popup.

1.1.12 (2021/10/02)

  • New feature: Editor Navigator (Structure).
  • Add new action hook for Abandonment: piotnetforms_action_form_abandonment
  • Add option to remove option value for number field.
  • Fix Booking Form can’t load in Elementor shortcode.
  • Fix an issue of Live Preview Field Value: Do not receive the value of Checkbox, Radio field.

1.1.11 (2021/09/27)

  • Support create Stripe invoice payment.
  • Fix Typography style of Text field is not working.

1.1.10 (2021/09/22)

  • New feature: ConvertKit integration.
  • Change ActiveCampaign API to v3.
  • Fix Form Abandonment does not save the value of Address Autocomplete Field.

1.1.9 (2021/09/15)

  • Add Link target for Lost Password.
  • Fix PHP syntax error.

1.1.8 (2021/09/10)

  • Add ACF options to user register in the Multi-step widget.
  • Fix Update User Profile can’t display the value of the Checkbox field.
  • Fix Typography and background color style of Select field is not working.
  • Fix a bug of condition in the repeater.
  • Fix the amount of Mollie payment for the calculation field.

1.1.7 (2021/09/06)

  • Add Justify Content for Multi-step form.
  • Fix an issue of the Form Submission widget.
  • Fix a Webhook issue of Form Abandonment.
  • Fix Update User Profile can’t display the value of the Checkbox field.
  • Fix Input padding style of Select field is not working.

1.1.5 (2021/08/30)

  • Add new options for Hubspot: Get group list and Get property list.
  • Add a custom message for minimal selection.
  • Add Item Spacing CSS option for the Radio field and the Check box field.
  • Fix a bug of the Form Entries widget on the Editor page.
  • Fix (+/-) button of Number field isn’t working when don’t set min/max value.
  • Fix Style control for the “Select Autocomplete” field is not working.
  • Fix Redirect URL for Mollie payment.

1.1.3 (2021/08/23)

  • Add Webhook for Form Abandonment.
  • Add “Input Height” style for the TinyMCE field.
  • Add align image select field.
  • Get the list of form id and field label automatically.
  • Fix doesn’t show invalid fields when clicking the Paypal button in Firefox.
  • Fix an issue of Dynamic Tag Post Url.

1.1.2 (2021/08/17)

  • New option to support import font for Stripe.
  • New option to send a confirmation email for Mailchimp.
  • New option to support Subscription use only price for Stripe.
  • Add Twilio Whatsapp and Twilio SMS Integration into Multistep Form.
  • Update Widget icons.
  • Reorder Widgets in Editor.
  • Fix can’t display the Date field in Update User Profile.
  • Fix calculated field in repeater form is not working with Edit post.
  • Fix an issue for authentication of Zoho CRM.
  • Fix Numeric field doesn’t work when reloading at Incognito mode.

1.1.1 (2021/08/07)

  • Fix a bug of New widget to display the form data.

1.1.0 (2021/08/06)

  • New feature: Mollie Payments. Check out the document here.
  • New widget for display the form data. Check out the document here.
  • Add SendFox and Sendy Integration into Multistep Form.
  • Fix an issue about MailChimp Acceptance field.
  • Fix a Paypal issue with form id contains a space character.
  • Fix Submit button doesn’t work when using Image Select field with Condition Logic.

[FREE] 1.0.19 (2021/07/30)

  • Tested up to WordPress 5.8

1.0.95 (2021/07/27)

  • Add MailChimp tags for Subscribers.
  • Add custom style for Stripe field.
  • Add the Acceptance field for Hubspot Integration.
  • Add “Item Vertical Spacing” style for Checkbox field.
  • Fix a repeater issue in the Form Database.
  • Fix Date Field and Time Field display duplicate in Repeater on mobile.
  • Fix can’t click Next button in Multistep form when have required field that hidden by conditional logic.

1.0.94 (2021/07/14)

  • Add “minuteIncrement” option of Flatpickr for Time field.
  • Add Google Calendar and Hubspot into Multistep form.
  • Change default time format value of Time field to ‘h:i K’.
  • Integrate ACF plugin with Register.
  • Fix the Hubspot API key that doesn’t save on the Setting page.
  • Fix can’t Set value for Image Field when Submit Post/Edit Post with ACF Repeater.
  • Fix SignaturePad doesn’t work on Firefox.
  • Fix Calculated Fields calculate an incorrect value for floating numbers.
  • Fix Email content include raw Shortcode when using Remove empty field.
  • Fix a CSS issue of Checkbox, Radio, Acceptance field.
  • Fix metadata for Webhook doesn’t work.
  • Fix conflict with Oxgen plugin when using Firefox to submit the form.
  • Fix display value of Date field in Repeater when Edit post.
  • Fix an issue of Field when enable “Remove empty field”.

1.0.93 (2021/07/03)

  • Support dynamic custom file name PDF by shortcode.
  • Remove the PAFE tutorial video on the Setting page.
  • Fix bug of number field type when set Min-Max value, it could not fill value from the keyboard.
  • Fix the Date field of Meta Box integration display incorrectly.
  • Fix bug the conditional logic use repeater multi-levels together in the Edit Post page.
  • Fix can’t select Image on the Editor page.
  • Fix Invalid Message display incorrect when Submit form using Stripe Payment.
  • Fix can’t submit Stripe form when Checkbox field is required and hidden by Conditional Logic.
  • Fix an issue of Date Time format.

1.0.92 (2021/06/23)

  • Fix Calculated Fields format incorrect for floating-point number.
  • Fix Coupon Code Fields doesn’t work when don’t have any Coupon data.

1.0.91 (2021/06/19)

  • New conditional visibility: Visibility by Date and Time.
  • Add a new action hook for Form Abandonment.
  • Add custom modules for Zoho CRM.
  • Add types of fields for Zoho CRM: Checkbox, Boolean, Multi-select, date type.
  • Fix an issue about Google Font.
  • Fix a Sendinblue issue when adding a contact to the list.
  • Fix an issue about Zoho in Multi-step form.

1.0.90 (2021/06/08)

  • New: Sendgrid integration. Check out the document here.
  • Integrate the JetEngine Repeater with the Submit post and the Edit post.
  • Fix can’t update User Profile.
  • Fix an issue when setup authorization for Zoho CRM.
  • Fix an issue about PDF generator.

1.0.89 (2021/06/01)

  • Image select field: Add minimum selected images requirement.
  • Fix Background Color CSS in Global Settings doesn’t work.
  • Fix an issue about Google Sheet when using Conditional Logic.
  • Fix an issue about Woocommerce Checkout in Multi-Step form.

1.0.88 (2021/05/21)

  • Fix an issue when using the upload file in the repeater.
  • Fix show/hide Subscriptions Plan List of Stripe Payment in Editor.
  • Fix an issue when import forms.

1.0.87 (2021/05/19)

  • New Filter Hook before submit:

apply_filters( ‘piotnetforms/form_builder/form_settings’, $settings);

  • Fix an issue about the Range Slider field with complex options.

1.0.86 (2021/05/18)

  • Allow removing the value of Select field type in Editor.
  • Fix calculate incorrectly when removing repeater items.
  • Fix a PDF generator issue.

1.0.85 (2021/05/17)

  • Fix calculate incorrect for repeater items.

1.0.84 (2021/05/15)

  • Add new metadata shortcode.
  • Fix font-weight in Global Style.
  • Fix redirect when using Stripe payment and redirect forms.
  • Remove license email on the Setting page.

1.0.83 (2021/05/10)

  • New: Hubspot integration.
  • Fix Woocommerce Checkout incompatible with Piotnet Addons For Elementor Pro.
  • Fix an Acceptance style issue.

1.0.82 (2021/05/08)

  • Add new Sendinblue Email Marketing Integration.
  • New tool for Activecampaign: Update information of existed contacts.
  • Add a new shortcode for ZohoCRM: [Remote_IP].
  • Add delete post shortcode into submit button and multi-step form.
  • Change edit post shortcode from edit_post to piotnetforms_edit_post.
  • Bug Fixing: Can’t redirect when enabling ReCaptcha.
  • Bug Fixing: Image select fields not showing on Mozilla and on Mobile.
  • Bug Fixing: ACF Repeater value in Multi-Step Forms do not displayed when using Edit Post feature.
  • Bug Fixing: The edit post shortcode is not showing in Multi-Step Form (in editor page).
  • Remove Footer HTML and JS if the shortcode is not there.
  • Remove PAFE form builder post type from Yoast Seo plugin.

1.0.81 (2021/04/20)

  • Fix an issue that calculated fields don’t show separator characters when enable “Always show decimal places”.
  • Fix an issue that date fields require incorrect on mobile.

1.0.80 (2021/04/12)

  • Fix a Stripe issue.
  • Fix can’t redirect when enabling ReCaptcha.

1.0.79 (2021/04/02)

  • Fix Google Sheets repeater issue.
  • Fix the form doesn’t load full width in Oxygen editor.
  • Fix a PDF generator issue.
  • Fix a Stripe issue.
  • Fix an Image Upload issue.
  • Fix a box-shadow CSS for the field.
  • Fix text color CSS for select type.
  • Fix compare password issue.
  • Fix can’t update email in User Profile.
  • Fix a radio field shortcode issue.

1.0.78 (2021/03/26)

  • New shortcode for delete post: piotnetforms_delete_post.
  • New: Show/Hidden and compare password field.
  • Hide “Remove Button” when having only one item repeater.
  • Hide “Add Button” when the items repeater reaches max limit.
  • Handle register duplicate username and email.
  • Add checkbox and radio field for Mailchimp.
  • Fix CSS issues: Submit Button, Boxshadow Color.
  • Fix issue about conditional logic for submit button.
  • Fix issues: Date field, Flatpickr custom options, delete post shortcode, showing the invalid message.
  • Improve Accessibility: Focusable Submit Button.

1.0.77 (2021/03/12)

  • New: Redirect open new tab.
  • Fix redirect after submit issue.

1.0.76 (2021/03/12)

  • Fix redirect after submit issue.

1.0.75 (2021/03/11)

  • New: Sendfox integration. Check out the document here.
  • New: Hide field data for form database.
  • New: Edit contact for ActiveCampaign.
  • Fix issues about Stripe payment, Honeypot, and dynamic tag.
  • Disable click Submit button when sending data.
  • Fix conflict with Germanized For Woocommerce plugin.

1.0.74 (2021/03/02)

  • New: Twilio Whatsapp integration. Check out the document here.
  • New: Twilio SMS integration. Check out the document here.
  • New feature: Live preview field value. Check out the document here.
  • Add Send As HTML/Plain Option for Multistep Form.
  • Add link option for the text widget.
  • Remove plus button when uploaded max-file.
  • Fix breakline for textarea field.
  • Remove empty field for PDF Generator.
  • Fix issues about popup, MailerLite, and field shortcode.
  • Fix remove line if field empty.

1.0.72 (2021/02/22)

  • New: Sendy integration. Check out the document here.
  • New: Pods integration.
  • New: Meta Box integration.
  • New: Custom PDF filename.
  • New: Add metadata for email 2.
  • New: Send email as HTML and plain.
  • Fix booking bug.
  • Fix Zoho bug.
  • Fix breakline email content.
  • Fix redirect after Submit.
  • Fix conditional Logic Google sheets.

1.0.71 (2021/01/27)

  • Fix ActiveCampaign variable.
  • Fix submit post radio and checkbox value in ACF repeater.
  • Fix Google Sheet.
  • Fix ACF checkbox field always return true.
  • Fix required for booking fields.
  • Fix required validation is not working in with woocommerce checkout.

1.0.70 (2021/01/23)

  • Fix signature filename issue.
  • Fix email content.
  • Fix checking checkboxes.
  • Fix multiple date fields in a form.

1.0.69 ( 2021/01/12 )

  • Fix thumbnail and URL of Signature field.
  • Fix User Meta Key issue.

1.0.67 ( 2021/01/07 )

  • Fix select autocomplete field in repeater form.
  • Fix conflict with PHP 8.

1.0.66 ( 2021/01/06 )

  • Fix Global Settings Issues

1.0.65 ( 2021/01/06 )

  • New Feature: Global Settings ( Global Form Style ) – Click on the Gear Icon of the Editor Bottom
  • Fix Date Field

1.0.64 ( 2020/12/30 )

  • New Feature: Copy and Paste Styles ( Just right clicking and selecting Copy Style, Paste Style )
  • Fix Woocommerce Checkout Redirect

1.0.62 ( 2020/12/28 )

  • New Feature: Conditional for actions after submit.
  • Fix Submit ID Shortcode.
  • Fix cart item uncorrected data when adding to cart.
  • Fix Conflict CSS for Add Order Items in Woocommerce.

1.0.61 ( 2020/12/23 )

  • Fix default value for Preview Submission.
  • Fix LTR TinyMCE.
  • Fix remove this field from Repeater.
  • New feature: Add column vertical-align CSS.
  • Import font for PDF.
  • Change field id to the label for Form Database.
  • Add form id, status column into Form Database, and Form Abandonment.
  • New feature: Preview template for PDF.

1.0.60 ( 2020/12/19 )

  • New Feature: Change the element width by grabbing the right border and drag to the desired width. You can change element width at Advanced Tab > Advanced > Width.
  • Fix calculated field calculate incorrect with thousand separators.

1.0.59 ( 2020/12/18 )

  • New Feature: Slack Webhook Integration https://piotnetforms.com/docs/webhook-slack/
  • Fix Textarea Max Length
  • Fix Preview Submission With Conditional Logic Field
  • Fix Message of Stripe Payment Form with Multi Submit Button
  • Fix invalid message of radio and checkbox field

1.0.58 ( 2020/12/14 )

  • Fix Editor Issues
  • Fix Calculated Fields

1.0.56 ( 2020/12/08 )

  • Fix Signature Pad disappear when scrolling.
  • Fix MailPoet can’t send a duplicate email.
  • Fix handling license key.
  • Fix Multi Step Form.

1.0.55 ( 2020/12/08 )

  • Fix Conditional Visibility
  • Fix Stripe Payment
  • Fix Required Field With Conditional Logic
  • Fix Editor Issues

1.0.52 ( 2020/12/07 )

  • Fix MailPoet can’t send a duplicate email.
  • Fix loading Editor.

1.0.51 ( 2020/12/06 )

  • Auto Generate Form ID (from Form Title) for Field Widget
  • Select Field Shortcode

1.0.41 ( 2020/11/30 )

  • Add Google Sheets Tab Option
  • Dynamic Field Value for Select, Options
  • Fix Required Field
  • Remove Piotnet Forms HTML in Footer if Piotnet Forms isn’t used

1.0.40 ( 2020/11/26 )

  • Fix Form Builder Editor not loading
  • Fix Calculated Field
  • Fix Select Autocomplete Field Required
  • New dynamic value tags: {{post_id}} {{post_title}} {{post_url}} {{shortcode | shortcode:[your_short_code]}}

1.0.38 ( 2020/11/23 )

1.0.37 ( 2020/11/03 )

  • Fix Export Form Submission ( Form Database )
  • New Actions Hook: https://piotnetforms.com/docs/actions-hook-filter-hook/
  • Add Email From Option For Submit Button

1.0.34 ( 2020/11/01 )

1.0.33 ( 2020/11/01 )

  • Add Paypal Locale
  • Fix Min Value 0 for Number Field
  • Fix Word Break on Form Editor Panel

1.0.32 ( 2020/10/30 )

  • Fix Form Submit Issue Inside the Oxygen Modal
  • Fix Image Width
  • Fix Form Submit Conditional Logic
  • Fix Empty Actions After Submit
  • Fix get google fonts and fontawesome issue
  • Fix Form Not Full Width With Oxygen

1.0.29 ( 2020/10/27 )

  • Publish Form After Save
  • Duplicate Form
  • Fix Send Data By Label for Select, Image Select Field

1.0.28 ( 2020/10/24 )

  • Fix Select Typography

1.0.26 ( 2020/10/23 )

  • Fix Saving Issue
  • Auto Fill Field ID
  • Add Loading Icon for Save Button
  • Add Back to WordPress Dashboard Button
  • Fix Image Width, Position
  • Fix Add (+/-) Button for Number Field

1.0.23 ( 2020/10/21 )

  • Fix Oxygen Conflict Issue

1.0.22 ( 2020/10/17 )

  • Update Checkbox / Radio Style

1.0.18 ( 2020/10/02 )

  • Optimize Enqueue JS/CSS Files

1.0.16 ( 2020/09/30 )

  • Add More Checkbox / Radio Style Options

1.0.15 ( 2020/09/24 )

1.0.11 ( 2020/09/23 )

  • Add Piotnet Forms Shortcodes in your Post / Page to fix Woocommerce Checkout, Css Loading ( You can see this section bellow the post / page content )

1.0.10 ( 2020/09/22 )

  • Update Editor CSS
  • Update MailerLite
  • Update PDF Generator Multiple Size
  • Add option Disable Form Database ( You can see this option on Submit Button Settings )
  • Fix Icon

1.0.6 ( 2020/09/21 )

  • Dynamic Value for Field Default Value
  • Remove License

1.0.5 ( 2020/09/20 )

Fix Edit Post Shortcode

1.0.1 ( 2020/09/19 )

Fix Select Field Style

1.0.0 ( 2020/09/18 )