GetResponse Integrate and Usage

Piotnet Forms GetResponse is an action after submit which uses GetResponse API port to submit customer information, aim to maximize marketing support for businesses. To use the GetResponse API on Piotnet Forms, you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Create a form with necessary information

Create new form

Step 2: Click the Submit button (remember to fill Form ID of button submit) and select Action After Submit -> Add Action select GetResponse.

Select Action After Submit GetResponse

Step 3: In the GetResponse section, select the API key:

– For Default you need to enter information API key in the Piotnet Forms settings of the website: Piotnet Forms -> Setting -> GetResponse Integration

Enter default API key

– For Custom API key you need to enter information in the Custom API Key field below.

Enter custom API key

Step 4: After entering the API key click Get List to retrieve the ID list of Email marketing lists from GetResponse

Get list ID

Step 5: Select the ID list obtained in step 3, copy and paste it into the List ID field

Enter List ID

Step 6: Click Get Custom Fields to get a list of ID field from GetResponse

Get custom field

Step 7: Add item field mapping and copy Tag Name and Shortcode

  • Add Field Mapping

Click Add Item

  • Copy Custom Field paste to Tag Name

Copy Custom Field to Tag Name

  • Copy short code paste to Field Shortcode

Copy Shortcode email (click email field copy shortcode)


Paste to Field Shortcode

After complete all fields, click save and check form submit.


Completed all field mapping

Now your GetResponse Integrated form is ready to join your campaign.
One small note: for phone field, please remember to enter Country code.