Form Abandonment

Form Abandonment will help you store information that guests have provided, even if they have not completed and have completed the form.

Form Abandonment can be used for Piotnet Form Builder.

Step 1: Create a simple form:


Step 2: Edit Submit Widget > Settings > Abandonment > Click Enable.

Step 3: After filling information, it will save into Form Abandonment.

Step 4: Go to Dashboard > Piotnet FormAbandonment.

Your results:

Webhook Abandonment

Webhook Abandonment allows you to collect information of users who abandoned the form.
After the user left your form without submitting, if you already setup webhook action, the information would be sent to assigned address (Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, etc).

To use Webhook Abandonment, please enable webhook in Abandonment section.

Enable Webhook Abandonment
  • Webhook URL: enter the URL which the webhook would process data

Webhook Abandonment uses “beforeunload” event to vefiry and validate the abandoned forms.

After triggered, Webhook Abandonment form data would be sent via URL webhook in following structure:

Abandonment data structure