Piotnet Support Program

Updated June 23rd 2021

What is Piotnet Support?

Piotnet Support is a customer service program which helps Piotnet users get the best from our plugins.

By Piotnet Support, we aim to deliver you all values of Piotnet products.

Who are able to get Piotnet Support?

Basically Piotnet Support only provided for Pro Users. In a plain words: you pay for it, you get it.

Piotnet Support is not available for deriative users, it is mean we don’t provide support for your clients. Once your ownership got verified, the support through chats, tickets, or video calls will be provided.

Why should you need Piotnet Support?

Cases covered by Piotnet Support

– You get trouble in any steps of setup Piotnet plugins: Download, Activate License, Enable feature, etc.

– You need direction to use features of Piotnet plugins which are complicated and hard to comprehend.

– Products of Piotnet causes problem on your pages.

– You have any issues or inquiries regarding to Upgrade, Refund, Update, Exchange, Deactivate license.

– You have any great ideas of improving Piotnet products which would be called feature request.

The Support service shall not include

– Problems caused by third parties – such as other plugins, addons, themes. We may try to investigate the problems and would come to some suggestions, however officially we do not take responsibility for the matter.

– Custom Code support, even if it is CSS or Javascript. Sometime we could refer you to some related code documents but frankly we can not help you to code anything.

– General WordPress issues are not in our scope.

– Websites running environment doesn’t meet requirements to perform functions of Piotnet Products.

– Support requests which are not from a valid email or legal license.

Where can you touch Piotnet Support?

Piotnet Support provided via two channels: Facebook Direct Message and Email Support Ticket System.

Facebook Direct Message: only for pre-sales questions and simple features related inquiries.

Email Support Ticket System: for issues caused by Piotnet products features which you need assistance to solve; for guidance to use complicated features and functions of Piotnet products; for other request which need to prove authority of account (refund, upgrade, etc).

How do you get Piotnet Support?

Facebook Direct Message: Just simply register a Facebook messenger account and send message to us. You always can find us on Facebook or reach Piotnet from our websites.

Email Support Ticket System: Only for Pro users, so we only provide support via account email. Make sure you can access your account email for the conversation.

There are 2 ways to submit a ticket: by email and by our contact form.

By Email: use account email and send your inquiries to our support email address which is corresponding to Piotnet product. For example, contact for PAFE, contact for Piotnet Forms.

By Contact form: you always can find our contact form at the end of any Piotnet product pages. Just fillin fully information (especially your account email need to be exact because we will reply you there) and  then submit the form.

When to you submit a support request and how long is response time?

Piotnet Support is provided from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday. Our Timezone is GMT+7 (Vietnamese Time). Piotnet Support will be disabled during Vietnam national holidays (especially Tet – Lunar New Year), we have around 14 workoff days per year. There will be a notice before any holidays of Piotnet.

You can submit a support request at anytime, however we will only get back to you in our working hour. Any tickets is expected to get first answer within 24 hours.

Once your issue is clear and well elaborated, our support team will investigate the matter carefully. This process would take more time than usual, the turn around time depends on actual complicated level of the problem. Approximate timeframe would be provided by the support agent.

Privacy Concern

We may ask you for sensitive information for investigating your issues, especially your site’s admin account credentials.  We hereby state that Piotnet only use your information for support related activities, all actions performed by Piotnet will be informed you in advanced for approval.

Piotnet also recommend you to share with us your staging site where personal information is blank and no important data stored. For admin account, a temporary one which will be eliminated in shortterm is favor. Backup your wordpress website is also suggested.

Support Policy Amendments

In some cases, the company retains the right to modify the Support Policy without notice.