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Form Booking

The Booking Form has two date types: Date picker and Special date.

* With Date picker:

Step 1: Create a date field

form booking 1

Step 2: Create a Quantity Field

Choose number type.

form booking 2

Step 3: Create a Booking table

form booking 3

In Piotnet Forms Panel, find and pick a booking widget

Add Booking ID. (with Latin characters and no space)

Choose date type is the Date picker

booking 4

Add appropriate shortcodes of the Date field and the Quantity field.

form booking 5

Add Items to the Slot List

form booking 6

 Step 4: Add a Calculated field

form booking 7

Step 5: Stripe payment field

Create and configure a Stripe Payment field

form booking 8

 Step 6: Action After Submit

Pick a Submit Button and add Booking in the Action After Submit

form booking 9

In Submit Button, scroll down to the Booking part and add the Booking shortcode.

form booking 9 (1)

After that, you can embed this form anywhere by form shortcode.

form booking 10

When users click on to Submit Button, the data will be stored in Form Booking.

form booking 11
form booking 12

If any customer wants to cancel a booking, you can remove that booking in Form Booking Database.

* With Special date:

You just need to change the date type to Special date in the Booking field and choose the date which you want. You do not need to create the date field.

Skip to Step 2 above (Create the Quantity Field) in the Date picker type

form booking 13

The result of this date type:

form booking 14