Constantcontact Integration

We integrated with Constant Contact as an Action After Submit. Constant Contact is a tool to store customer information and provide customer management, automated marketing, enterprise development solutions, and departmental systems. To use Constant Contact, you need to perform the following steps:

Step 1:

Access the Dashboard: Piotnet Forms> Constant Contact > fill in API Key and App Secret information. To get the API key and App Secret, you need to register the app here

Note: Please enter Redirect URL exactly the same as the Authorization Redirect URL in Dashboard.

Step 2:

Save the information and click Authenticate Constant Contact.

Step 3:

Create a form for collecting necessary information.

f 1
Create Forms

Step 4:

Edit Submit button > Action After Submit > Add Action > Constant Contact

image 1

Step 5:

  • Click GET LIST to get LIST ID values, then enter into List IDs
  • The type of address: set the types of address that you need to save. Available values: home, work, mobile, fax, other.
  • Click GET CUSTOM FIELD to get custom field values for mapping.
  • Acceptance Field – Set up options for your customers if they want to receive your promotion emails: Create Acceptance field > Copy and Paste Shortcode into Acceptance Field Shortcode.
Constant Contact Section Setting

Step 6:

Mapping Fields to Corresponding Shortcodes

  • Copy and Paste ‘email_address’ form GET CUSTOM FIELDS to Tag Name
Copy Tag Name to Tag Name

– Copy and Paste shortcode from field to Field Shortcode

Select Shortcode width Tag Name

Note: Mapping is mandatory for saving form values. For Taggings field, to perform mapping for more than one tag, you need to use comma for separating the tags.

After mapping, now you should check the working of your form to make sure things work well.