Front-end Post Submission, Editing

This feature allow your users to submit posts, edit post. It supports Custom Post Type, Custom Taxonomy, ACF Field, ACF Repeater, Jet Engine, Toolset.

1. Create Fields:

Title* Required (Type Text), Content (Type TinyMCE), Feature Image (Type Image Upload), Custom Fields (any Field Type). Terms Select (Type Terms Select)

2. Create Submit Button:

Create Submit Button > Actions After Submit > Add Submit Post

Edit Submit button > Scroll to Submit Post Section

Enter your Title Field Shortcode (Required), Content Field Shortcode (Option) and Featured Image Field Shortcode (Option)


3. Custom Fields

It supports Custom Post Meta,  ACF Field, ACF Repeater, Jet Engine, Toolset.



ACF Repeater Fields

– Create ACF Repeater Fields like this

– Create Repeater Fields with Piotnet Forms. This is a tutorial how to create repeater fields https://piotnetforms.com/docs/repeater-fields-multi-level-nested/

+ First, Create a Section > Advanced > Repeater. Note that: You have to enter the Repeater ID = Repeater Name in your ACF Field Setup

+ Put Fields into that Section with the Field ID = Name of the Sub Fields like: name, image

+ And then Edit Submit button > Submit Post > Custom Fields


4. Edit Post:


Add this shortcode to your single template. The shortcode will be changed if you edit this form so you have to refresh piotnetforms Editor Page and then copy the shortcode. Replace “YOUR-PAGE-URL-CONTAINS-THIS-FORM” by your Page URL contains your Submit Post Form.

5. Redirect users to the post they just created:

Please add Redirect feature from Actions After Submit and set Redirect URL = [post_url]


6. Only Show the Form if user logged in

  • Put the form into a Section
  • Edit Section > Advanced > Conditional Visibility