Zoho CRM

We integrated with Zoho CRM as an action after submit. Zoho CRM is a tool to store customer information, provide customer management, automated marketing, enterprise development solutions, and departmental systems. To use Zoho CRM, you need to perform the following steps:

Step 1: Access the admin page: Piotnet Form >SettingsZoho Integration select the appropriate Domain and fill in the Client ID and Client Secret information, click Save Settings to save the changes.

  • Note: When ADD CLIENT select Server-based Applications.
    – Client Name: Enter Client Name
    – Homepage URL: https://your-domain.com
    – Authorized Redirect URIs: https://your-domain.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=piotnetforms

Server-based Applications

Zoho CRM Infomation

Step 2: After saving the valid information, click Authenticate Zoho CRM to confirm access.

Allow zoho to access accounts

Step 3: Create a form to collect necessary information.

Create new form

Step 4: Click submit button -> Actions After Submit -> Add Action, select Zoho CRM.

Add Zoho CRM to Actions After Submit

Step 5: In Zoho CRM section select the appropriate module to save customer information. Then click GET TAG NAME. The list of Tag Name will be displayed.


Step 6: Mapping the fields and the corresponding shortcode to save information into Zoho CRM.

Example (Field First Name):

Copy First_Name to Tag Name

Copy shortcode to Field ShortCode

  • Completed all fields mapping

Completed all fields mapping

Check form activity.