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MailerLite Action After Submit is used to store customer information for marketing purposes. To use MailerLite Action After Submit, please perform the following steps:

Step 1: Create a form to collect the necessary information.

1 2

Create Form

Step 2. Edit: Submit button, select Action After SubmitAdd ActionMailerLite

2 1

Add MailerLite to action after submit

Step 3. Edit the MailerLite section:

3 1

MailerLite Section

  • API Key: You have 2 options: Default or Custom:

+ Default, you need to enter the API key information at Piotnet Forms Settings MailerLite Integration.

4 1

MailerLite Integration

  +  Custom, you can enter API Key information in the Custom API Key text box.

5 1

Custom API Key

Step 4: Click GET GROUPS to get information about Groups and Fields Mapping.

6 1


Step 5: Enter Group ID information to save customer information into groups.


Enter Group ID

Step 6: Mapping fields to appropriate shortcodes:

Screenshot 52

Complete Field Mapping and test your form.