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PayPal Payment

1paypal payment

Step 1: Connect the PayPal Client versus Piotnet Forms

Create an app and get the Client ID by accessing this URL:

Click on My Apps & Credentials Dashboard > Sandbox/Live Tab > Access the Default Application or create a new one.

You can test with the Sandbox App or Go Live with the Live App

2paypal create app

Copy the Client ID and Client Secret.

Screenshot 3 1

Go to your WP Dashboard > Piotnet Form Settings > PayPal Integration > Add your Client ID and Client Secret > Save Settings

Screenshot 1 2

Step 2: Create your own form

Create your form by Piotnet Form Builder widgets

Step 3: Choose your appropriate action in the Submit Button

When clicking on the Submit Button, you can recognize that there are two PayPal actions:

  1. PayPal Payment: Application for your basic meets. The user just needs to pay once time.
  2. PayPal Subscription: Application for recurring payment. Once the customers give permission, the amount will be automatically deducted at predefined intervals until the customer retracts their permission or the subscription expires.

PayPal Payment (Once time paid)

Click on Submit Button > Scroll to PayPal Payment > Enable

Screenshot 2 2

You can set a fixed amount or get the Amount value from a field by using the field shortcode

(E.g. 100, 1000, [field id=”amount”] )

PayPal Subscription (Recurring Payment)

Before processing an official Live Setup, you should try to apply for a Sandbox test.

Sandbox test

Create an account or use the default account at

Screenshot 4 1

Then log in to Sandbox Site:

Click on Pay & Get Paid Panel > Accept Payment > Subscription 

Screenshot 5 1

Create your specific Subscription plan

Screenshot 6 1

Back to your Form, click on Submit Button > Scroll to PayPal Subscription > Enable

Click on Get Plan button and embed it into the Plan ID right below it.

Screenshot 7
Live Mode

Set up your Live Mode similarly to the Sandbox Test Setup.

Step 4: Combine other methods

If you have multiple payment methods, you have to create a Payment Methods field ( Select, Radio, Image Select ) with options like this:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe

And then Enable Option 

Screenshot 8

Noted: If you were using the test key, you have to use Sandbox account to test the Payment. Click on this link to create the Sandbox account: