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ActiveCampaign Integration and Usage

Piotnet Forms ActiveCampaign is an action after submit. The feature use API port of ActiveCampaign to submit customer information. Following are steps to use ActiveCampaign of Piotnet Forms.

Step 1: Create a form with the necessary information


Create Form

Step 2: Click the Submit button, select Actions After Submit-> Add Action, select ActiveCampaign.


Add action ActiveCampaign after submit

Step 3: In the ActiveCampaign section select API Credentials

– If it is Default, you need to enter Campaign URL and Campaign Key information in the Piotnet Forms Settings: Piotnet Forms-> Settings-> ActiveCampaign Integration

Screenshot 30

Add API Key and API URL in admin page

– If it is Customs, there will be 2 text boxes to enter Campaign URL and Custom API Key.


Add Custom API URL and Custom API Key

Step 4: Click the Click Here To Get List IDs button to get the list of Campaigns.


Get List ID Activecampaign


Name list and ID after get

Step 5: You need to select the appropriate List ID taken in step 2 to enter the List ID * (Required) field. After changing the Tag Name List will reload.


Enter List ID before get

Step 6: Add Item Field Mapping to send information to the ActiveCampaign API after submitting.

Tag Name is the Tag Name List was taken in step 4.

Field Shortcode is the shortcode in the generated field.


  • Click Add item

Add item

  • Add Field Tag Name

Select field tag name and copy to Field Mapping

  • Copy field Shortcode (ex: First name (click to First name field in form))

Copy field Shortcode

  • Copy Shortcode to Field Shortcode

Paste shortcode to Field Mapping

  • Completed all Field Shortcode

Completed add Field Mapping

Finally click save and test the active form, now your form is integrated with ActiveCampaign and ready to be used.
After filled the fields and click submit button, information will be sent to your Campaign.