Hubspot Integration

We integrated with Hubspot by Access Token. You can use this feature to create the new contact on Hubspot. To use the feature, please follow steps below:

Step 1: Login to your Hubspot account and go to Settings and create the Private Apps

Screenshot 6

In Scope Tab, you have to checked to Write for crm.objects.contacts and Read for crm.schemas.contacts. And click to Create app

Screenshot 9

A popup will be opened after you created an app with an Access Token. Take it and go to next step.

Screenshot 8

Step 2: Add the Hubspot Access Token to setting page of Piotnet Forms

Screenshot 10

Step 3: Go to Edit with Elementor page and select Hubspot in Action after submit 

Screenshot 1

Step 4: Click to Get Group List and choose the group which you need to get the properties. Fill the group key to Group Key input

Screenshot 2 1
Screenshot 3

Step 5: Next, Click to Get Property List to get all properties of group which chosen above. Take the key in the inputs and fill them to repeater item (Property Name) in the end of Hubspot setting. Countinous in step 6

Screenshot 4

Step 6: Create the form field with your design. And take the field shortcode. Fill it to Field Shortcode (in the repeater of Hubspot setting). A Property Name will corresponds to a Field Shortcode.  

Screenshot 5