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Google Sheets Connector

With the aid of Google Sheets Connector integration, you are able to organize your data effectively. To automatically forward form entries to your spreadsheet, you can integrate your forms with Google Sheets. Your spreadsheet will immediately receive any new form data so you and your team can view and analyze it right away.

Detailed Tutorial to integrate Google Sheets

Step 1: Enable and configure Google Sheets API

Enable the Google Sheets API at,

Then please follow our tutorial illustrations below to integrate Google Sheets.

Step 2: Add Google Sheets API Keys

Add Google Sheets Integration keys.
Go to Dashboard > Piotnet Forms > Settings > Integration > Google Sheets Integration > Fill out Client ID and Client Secret

google sheets connector integration

Click “Save Setting”, then “Authorization”

Step 3: Create your own form

Create a new form with the Name and Email fields, for example.

google sheets connector 1

Step 4: Enable Piotnet Forms Google Sheets Connector (Submit Button) after creating a new form.

You just need to add Google Sheet ID, Tab Name, Shortcode field, and Column in Google Sheets.

google sheets connector 2

Custom Tab Google Sheets

google sheets connector 3

Mapping Repeater section:

Add the repeater shortcode into the Fields mapping:

Screenshot 43
Screenshot 44