Google Sheets Connector

Step 1: You need to add Google Sheets Integration key.

Please go to Dashboard > Piotnetforms > Settings > Google Sheets Integration > Enter Google Sheets Integration API Key > Save Setting

Step 2: Enable the Sheets API at https://console.developers.google.com/apis/library, search for the keyword “sheets”, select “Google Sheets API” and click Enable

Step 3: After the Google Sheets API appears in the results, click it and then click ENABLE.

The Google Sheets API is enabled for your project and a message appears indicating that you need to add credentials to use the API:

Step 4: Click Create credentials.

The Add credentials to your project dialog box appears:

Step 5: Click the client ID link.

The Create OAuth client ID dialog box appears:

Step 6: To create an OAuth client ID, you must first set a project name on the consent screen. Click the Configure consent screen button to continue.

The OAuth consent screen appears:

Step 7: Enter the following information on the OAuth consent screen:

  1. Application name – Enter any appropriate name for your application.
  2. Authorized domains – Enter to add the domain.

Step 8 : Select Credentials from the side menu, click CREATE CREDENTIALS and then select OAuth client ID


Step 9: You choose the type of application is the web application and URLs. For example: http://pet.piotnet.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=piotnetforms

Step 10: Click Create and copy Your Client ID and Your Client Secret  add Step 1

Step 11: You need to create a new form with the Name and Email fields

Step 12: After creating a new field of your choice  enable Google Sheets Connector.

You just need to add Google Sheet ID, Shortcode field, Column in Google Sheets, it will word.

Note: You need to create the same id forms.


Custom Google Sheets Tab