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Woocommerce One Page Checkout

Tutorial to add WooCommerce One Page Checkout

Step 1: Create your own form

Create a simple form and add WooCommerce Checkout Widget on it

woocommerce one page checkout

Step 2: Add Product ID and Price field shortcode

We made a general emulator product to link this checkout platform, that’s why filling out Product ID is mandatory. This product must to have a regular price > 0

woocommerce one page checkout 2
You can see the product ID

The Price field will be overwritten the price which you set in WooCommerce

woocommerce one page checkout 1
The result
woocommerce one page checkout 3

NOTE: If you put this Form Shortcode to a Post / Page, you have to Edit Post / Page > Piotnetforms Shortcode in this Post/Page > Enter each of Piotnetforms Shortcode in this Post/Page, separated by pipe char (“|”)

piotnetforms shortcode in post

If you use WooCommerce one page checkout in the multi-step form, please add WooCommerce checkout in the action after submit and add product id like the below image:

Screenshot 80 Screenshot 81