Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing

Step 1: After build a form with full infomation of product and the end with a total price field ( a Hidden Field, Number Field or Calculated Fields) . You have to create a submit button. Then choose Woocommerce add to cart in Action after submit.

Screenshot 19 1

Step 2: Add product ID and Price Field Shortcode:

We made a general emulator product to link this checkout platform, that’s why filling out Product ID is mandatory. This product has to have a regular price > 0.

Screenshot 20 1

– You can add all field shortcode (information product) without Price Field Shortcode to Custom Order Item Meta.

NOTE: If you put this Form Shortcode to a Post / Page, you have to Edit Post / Page > Piotnetforms Shortcode in this Post/Page > Enter each of Piotnetforms Shortcode in this Post/Page, separated by pipe char (“|”)

piotnetforms shortcode in post