Step 1 : You need to add Mailchimp API key.

Please go to Dashboard > Piotnetforms > Settings > MailChimp Integration > Enter MailChimp API  Key > Save Settings

Step 2: Copy API Key From Mailchimp

Once you’re logged into Mailchimp, you’ll need to go to your Account page.

Within the Account page you’ll see an additional menu near the top of the page.

From this menu, you’ll need to go to Extras » API keys.

When you open the API Keys page, you’ll be able to copy your existing API key or, if needed, generate an API key by clicking the Create a Key button.

After you’ve copied the key, you can return to the tab or window with your PiotnetForms settings and paste it into the API Key field.

Step 3: Click Submit button, select Actions After Submit >> MailChimp

Step 4: You choose for MailChimp.

API Key:

  • Default: API Key which you added in Step 1
  • Custom: you need to enter Custom API Key information

Acceptance Field Shortcode: To create an option for customers to choose if they want to register to receive notification emails from the business, create an Acceptance field, then copy shortcode of the field and paste into the Acceptance Field Shortcode.

If customers clicks agree, their information would be saved to the Mailchimp API. Otherwise, information would not be saved.


Click to GET LIST IDS and GET GROUPS AND FIELDS buttons and fill the List ID,Group IDs then.
Groups are separated by commas.

Step 6: After acquiring the FIELDS taken in step 5, you need to map the fields corresponding to the shortcode.

  • Copy email field form All fields ’email_address’ and paste to Tag Name
  • For address field you need to enable the Address Field then enter the Tag Name as ‘ADDRESS’ and necessary address information.
    NoteCity Field ShortcodeState Field ShortcodeZip Field ShortcodeCountry Field Shortcode are required in the Address Field