Calculated Field

In this article, you will learn how to use calculated field to create calculations in forms.
The feature supports various mathematic operators for many calculating needs.

Food Order Calculation Example

This is an example of applying calculated field in Bill Calculation form.
The actions is:
“Customers select Spaghetti type, size, quantity then the form calculates total price”



To do this:

  • Step 1: Create form with all fields: Foods – select field, Size and price – select field, How many? – number field and Total – calculated field.
  • Step 2: Edit the Total – calculated field, set the math formula:
    [Size and Price field]*[How many? Field]
    Shortcode of the fields will be used as variables.

Now the form is ready. After customers select product, Size and Quantity, the Calculated field will automatically calculate total amount.

Available Math Functions

Calculated field is a powerful feature of Piotnet which helps you to do mathematic formulas in forms.
The feature is widely applied in quotation generating.
See this document to know the available operators and object that the field can perform.