Piotnet Forms 2.0 Release - Last chance to get Lifetime License before new price plan

Widget Learning

In this article, you will learn about Piotnet Forms widgets.
Piotnet Forms widgets are essential to build a form. The widgets are divided into categories and ordered in the Left control. There are 2 categories at the moment: Basic and Form.



Basic Widgets includes the principal elements for almost every forms. Those are Section, Text, Image, Shortcode, Button, Icon, Icon List, Space.
Section: use to build form layout and be container of the form elements
Text: add texts into form
Image: add images into form
Shortcode: add content/templates in convenient way
Button: Trigger redirect action
Icon: add icons into your form
Icon List: add a list with icons into your form
Space: add space between contents


Form Widgets


Form widgets are functional widgets for various types of form. The widgets are built for unique purposes.
Field: collect necessary information from users
Submit: trigger form actions
Form Step: add multi-step form
Booking: use to add booking form
Woo Checkout: setup WooCommerce Checkout page
Preview Data: add preview data window
Lost Password: add lost password redirect question
Form Entries:


Widget Controls

Piotnet Forms offer three tabs of controls for widget: Settings, Style and Advanced

Settings Tab:
Setup bare-bones input for the widgets. The inputs are normally mandatory and required you to enter.
The controls and options in settings are unique for each widget types.

Style tab:
Decide how your widgets looking. Controls in style tab are normally the same for various widgets, but there are also unique ones.

Avanced Tab:
Contains advanced controls for further customization. Advanced controls are fixed for all widgets.
Some of the controls: Margin, Padding, Background, Position, Repeater Trigger, etc.