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How to create Repeater Field Form – Multi Level Nested in WordPress

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Repeater Field Multi Level Nested of Piotnet allows users to add or remove new sections. It is very useful in order/booking forms.

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Detailed Tutorials to set Repeater fields

Step 1: Create a section

This is the section that will be repeated

Step 2: Add your fields

Inside the section, create the necessary fields. In this example, we use the image select field, select field, number field, and calculated field.

Step 3:Trigger Repeater features

Edit the section, in the Editor Advanced tab, Enable Repeater and setup:

  1. Repeater ID: assign ID for the Repeater
  2. Repeater Label: Name the Repeater
  3. Limit number of Elements: set the maximum number of repeated sections allowed
  4. Repeater Shortcode: get the shortcode of the repeater

Step 4:  Create Add button and Remove button

You can use the Button widget or Icon widget to create Add/Remove buttons.
Add button must be put outside the repeater section. The remove button must be put inside the repeater section.

  1. Put 2 button/icon widgets into position
  2. Edit the button, in the Editor Advanced tab, to enable Repeater Trigger
  3. Copy the Repeater ID (which you assigned above) and paste it into the Repeater ID field.
  4. Set Action for buttons: Add or Remove

Now your Repeater Section is ready.

You can import our available template for repeater form to get more details

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