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Piotnet Forms Structure

In this article you will learn general knowledge about anatomy of a form.

Generally, a form is an information gateway where people send information for a specific processing.
There are basic parts of a form which are built to serve the information processing purpose. Fields for information input, Action Button for information processing, Section and Column for layout.

Section and Column

Insert sections and columns into suitable positions to organize your form.
Use as many sections as you need to devide form contents into many parts. Just remember to arrange things in logical way.
Inside of the sections, add columns for vertical content arrangement.


Fields are for information input. There are many types of fields which fit for various types of information.
Put fields into sections/columns, there could be one or many fields in each section/column.

Action Button

Define what to do next with information collected by fields.
After fulfill fields, your users click Action button to submit information. Setup suitable actions for purpose of your forms.
Some important actions: Email, Redirect, Login, Register, Submit Post, WooCommerce Add to Cart, some third parties request.

In short, just put fields and action button in ordered sections and columns for a neat form.