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Piotnet Forms General Introduction

Get to know Piotnet Forms – PF

Even just be launched in 2020, PF is already be used by WP developers community for many years. Precusor is a feature of Piotnet Addon For Elementor, PF helped thousands developers to build many forms and various pages.
To be more usable and can come to a bigger community, we – Piotnet team – decide to build the form builder as an independent wordpress plugin. Only with few simple setting steps, you can experience the PF and create your wonderful form.

PF is Highly Customizable WordPress Form Builder, a standard form only loads 11KB CSS and JS combined. It is compatible with Oxygen and all other page builders. PF helps you build Forms in few minutes, not spending hours. We offer many tools and features for you to create your most amazing form. It is no matter if you want to build Contact collecting form, Registration form, Survey form, Newsletter form, Payment form, Email marketing form or Customers demanding form.

PF also gives you many style tools for your UI/UX design demand, don’t worry if you need a 3D, nostalgia or symplize design styles. We will help you to handle that.

In next article, we will show you how to Install Piotnet Form – PF in your site.