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General Editor Knowledge

Basic tools in Piotnet Forms Editor

There are 2 main parts of the Editor: Top editor and Left editor

Top Editor

The top editor contains the most used actions.topeditor

  1. Add Widgets: open widget menu
  2. Open Navigator: turn on the navigator tree to see your form structure
  3. Undo Redo: remove the closest action or repeat the removed action
  4. Edit Form name: change the name of your form
  5. Responsive mode: see your form in desktop, tablet, phone mode
  6. Full Screen: Enter full-screen mode of Piotnet Forms editor
  7. Save: Save your form
  8. See your form in frontend: how your form actually look
  9. Open more settings: open Form Settings, Global Settings, Form Entries, Export Template, Light Mode/Dark Mode

Left Editor

Contains widgets and widget controls.lefteditorWhen you edit widgets, the Left Editor shows controls to customize your widgets. The tools are sorted in three tabs: Settings, Style, Advanced.