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Summer Sales 20 Off for Piotnet Addons & Piotnet Forms


General FAQs

PAFE – One of the industry-leading plugins provides many advanced features for Elementor based websites, helping users to build complicated functions and forms intuitively, professionally without having to write code.

Meanwhile, Piotnet Forms operates independently, Piotnet Forms can cover all the Form Builder features of the PAFE plugin without installing Elementor or other WordPress plugins.

Piotnet Forms is compatible with most themes that are well constructed according to WordPress guidelines.

Piotnet Forms works with almost every plugin, and mostly with popular plugins.

In addition, the conflict between Theme/Plugin systems is inevitable. We have been keeping enhancing the products in order to be compatible perfectly with the other builders. Please send a ticket if there is a conflict between your themes/plugins with our Plugin.

Purchase FAQs

We offer 14 refund days guarantee on your purchase of our Pro version instead of applying the trial Pro version method.

So that you could try to experiment with our plugin for 14 days.

We currently have three main products: PAFE, Piotnet Forms and Piotnet Grid. Users have purchased one of our three above products, they are able to apply the 20% discount by entering the “License email” as a discount code on the checkout page. Our maximum discount value is 20%, and we just ONLY accept one discount code.

In order to upgrade your License account, please contact our Ticket-system.


If you purchased via PayPal method, you could cancel your Subscription by following this source here

Support FAQs

We provide one-to-one support via our ticket support, which means you would get helps secure and more accurate from us.

Support is accessible to all paid customers who have an active License of the plugin.

Make sure that you use your License email account when reaching to Ticket-System.

Any tickets are expected to get the first answer within 24 hours.

Once your issue is clear and well elaborated, our support team will investigate thoroughly the matter. This process would take more time than usual, the turnaround time depends on the actual complicated level of the problem. An approximate timeframe would be provided by the support agent.