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Piotnet Forms 2.0 Official Release

Dear Piotnet Forms Community,

Today we officially release the Piotnet Forms 2.0.

The Version comes with several design improvements, brings a more friendly user experience and a much better user interface. Among other, Undo and Redo is worthy of your intention.

We also upgraded many features as a result of our community survey. Some notable changes belong to Multi Step Form, Repeater Fields, Dynamic Tags, Submit Post, or elements editable Navigator.

Existing customers can download Piotnet Forms 2.0 in your Account and license management.

Following is the detailed changelog of the upgrade. Hopefully, you will get a good experience, we are looking forward to hearing your feedback.

1 . New UI/UX design

  • More convenient interface
  • Less click actions
  • Inner WordPress admin editor
  • Undo/Redo function
  • Dark theme and Light theme
  • A new intuitive set of icons
  • Form ID enter action no more necessary
  • Optimize performance in Editor when designing complex forms.
  • And many more little changes for you to explore

2 . Easy to use Multi-Step Form

  • Only one form template needed
  • Just drag and drop to divide the form into many steps
  • Use icons or other elements as next/previous buttons

3. Dynamic Tags

  • Dynamic tags appear everywhere in form Editor
  • Easy to select form elements shortcode just by opening dynamic tag. I.e. Select variable fields in Calculated field, select condition fields in the Conditional logic

4. Inherit CSS: Allow to Disable Piotnet Forms CSS

5. Navigator: Movable, Resizable, allowing select and edit elements

6. New function: Submit Post integration with ACF file

7. New feature: Conversational Forms

8. New feature: Starter form templates library

9. Better Document Base