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New License System

As you know, we are currently using login credentials with a username and password on your site to activate the plugin. Therefore, we would like to announce that the License Management Dashboard (beta) is out now with many features and more security as part of an ongoing effort to improve our development process.

At present, you can use the dashboard to activate, manage, or deactivate your websites. You can also download the latest and other old versions of plugins here.

Websites Management Link:

Licenses Management Link:

This new License mechanism is available from Piotnet Forms Pro version 1.2.0

In addition, we prevent the activation of new sites when using older plugin versions. You need to install the latest version to your Site to activate. This issue will not negatively affect your previous activated sites, they can still continue to work normally.

Since this is a beta experimental version, unexpected errors maybe occur. Please try to download the latest version plugin from the Homepage, then manually re-install and activate it again. If the issue is still not dispreaded, please contact our Ticket Support System.

Extra information:

As a Pro Piotnet user, you have a set amount of licenses you can connect to Piotnet sites. Now you can set up a dedicated staging subdomain that has one of the following names below. For example, if your site is, then using will not be considered a license use:

TLD (Top-level Domain) that is not considered a license activation:

*.dev (

*.local (example.local)

*.staging (example.staging)

*.test (example.test)

Subdomains that are not considered as a license activation:

dev.* (

local.* (

staging.* (

test.* (

As always, we appreciate your feedback and see this as a way to improve your work processes with Pionet.